This Moment the EP

I'm happy to release my debut EP, This Moment the EP! It is autobiographical in nature and speaks very specifically to a concrete moment in my life. This moment was the pivotal moment in my journey to self love. This Moment the EP is heavily layered and there's so much room for personal interpretation and analysis. For me, this EP has two main themes. The first is very plain - Live in the Moment. Cherish your moments. Experience every moment as it happens. The second theme is the love story. I believe our experiences with romantic love are a direct reflection of our personal love story, and most of my music comes out as romantic love. So the story starts at the pursuit of self love and ends with the actualization of it! ENJOY!!

Winter Boo.jpg

Winter Boo

This song is really fun to me. I think it's really corny, which is fine! Because I'm pretty corny. The impetus behind this one was Summer 2015. I had, for the first time, asked a guy out and my dating options busted WIDE open in that moment. That summer I actually asked two guys out. I realized that the idea behind women sitting on their thumbs waiting to be approached puts us in a position to only react, instead of proactively seeking what WE want. So this song is both about the moment that I released myself from the shackles of societal seconding, and the pursuit of a moment with a love interest.


This song is multi-layered. It's framed as a woman propositioning a man to enjoy her for the night. A one-night stand, if you will. So on the surface, it simply says, let's enjoy each other in this moment. It is exactly as carnal as the lyrics imply. But the subtext is the moment in a romantic relationship where you're enjoying yourself and falling in love. I think that moment is where we are often tempted to run away to, will this last forever? When I first wrote the song, I called it Forever Doesn't Exist, because it doesn't. No one alive has seen forever. We can speak of a lifetime, and even still we could be wrong. When it comes to romantic love, women are especially socialized to question the validity of a man's interest in and love for her based on his intentions for her in the future. That is OK! I am not saying we shouldn't have a thing to look forward to. But being present in the love that actually exists in THAT MOMENT is so important! How can you even build a love for the future if you don't establish what that looks like now? 



Blue Wednesday

This song was ACTUALLY written on a Monday. I probably could have called it Blue Monday for accuracy, but Blue Wednesday is more poetic to me. I woke up at 3 AM one morning and in the dark of night felt the severe pangs of loneliness. The insomnia intensified the emotion and triggered me to write to blood-let. That is how Blue Wednesday came about. It is a song written to the personification of loneliness as a request or rather, a plea. "Send another one in your stead".