Vocalist/Composer, Artisan, & Lover of Beautiful Things


—  Live & Session Vocalist and Vocal Arranger

—  Live Vocals

Del-Amina–Lead Vocals, Solo Artist, Bandleader

She’s a Rebel IV–House Band Background Vocals, Lead Vocals

C.W. Stoneking–(U.S./Canada/E.U./U.K) Tour, Background Vocals

Paul McDonald–Background Vocals, Vocal Director

Patrick Davis and His Midnight Choir–Background Vocals

Stephcynie–Background Vocals, Vocal Director

YEP Rewind House Band–Background Vocals



—  Session Vocals

Del-Amina–Lead Vocals, Background Vocals, Vocal Arranging, Production, Songwriting

Stephcynie–Background Vocals, Vocal Arranger

Ida Marie–Background Vocals