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What is Jazz? Part I

The Scene: 4 pretty women. Singers. A blonde, a brunette, a redhead and a dreadhead. Braless. Sipping tea and sweating in the corner of one of Nashville's most magical treasures, High Garden Tea. The conversation vacillates between the mundane and the meaningful as the time ticks. No particular journey, each enjoying the other's company and their respective cups of perfectly extracted Milk Oolong and Jasmine Green. They arrive, almost by fate, at a previously unanticipated destination; a place many have both willingly and unwittingly visited: A deep discussion. The topic? Music, of course. The focus? Jazz.

The slightly opinionated, introspective seeker I am has danced with this question often. Both in the privacy of thought, and on the table of conversation. The question: What makes music Jazz? 

Over time and a few blog posts, I will attempt to unpack this question in a meaningful way with the dualistic purpose of both expanding the conversation among musicians and non-musicians alike about the effect of the way we categorize music, specifically jazz in this conversation, and more directly why I classify my music as jazz in an artistic circle where many would not. Until I return, I leave you with this video. Enjoy and feel free to comment on this blog post.