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This NEW Moment

Working as a part-time singer this past year really has been more than I could have ever asked for. A brief rundown:

  • I went on my first international tour
  • I was nominated for a music award
  • I met my goal of performing live every month
  • I got in contact with one of my musical idols
Kendra Foster

Kendra Foster

To be frank, I low-balled myself on the goals side. And I'm grateful the universe had other plans. I couldn't have asked to tour with an Australian indie artist to Europe because I wouldn't have known to or thought it possible. I couldn't have asked for tangible recognition that what I'm doing holds value to someone else beside me. If I had the confidence in myself to do so, I would have asked for more. 

This year, instead of letting great moments in my music career happen to me, I'm going to be running after them! Feel free to run along with me. I'm sure there will be some scrapes and bruises when I trip over obstacles and a few dark moments where I feel like I just am not making it! But I'm so ready for this New Year and New Moment to live in.