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The Magic of the Moment

The Present is a gift and I just wanna BE!
— Common

I recently presented an idea that was built on the existence of the present as a thing not unto itself, but rather, the moment where past meets future. I painted, with a broad stroke, the picture of "Living in the Moment" as a form of escapism that is useful as a tool for stopping time over the course of our daily lives. In that moment, that was the furthest I had parsed my thoughts on the idea. 

The thing about the present; the magic of the moment that exists right now is that for just an instant, you are fully in control. You can't change what happened before the current moment. But in this moment, you can directly affect what potentially happens after it. So maybe being in the moment can be construed as escapism. Or it can be conceived as the only true way to write one's story. I suppose it is all dependent upon how you use the gift. 

It's like jazz improvisation, I guess. In some ways, it doesn't matter in the moment what pitch you play. It matters how you use it. What you do with that pitch, where you take it - that becomes the song. Where you take any pitch can add context to pitches previously played and set the stage for the pitches to come. What you do with this moment, where you take it - that becomes your story. In that context the present, although probably not an entity unto itself, may be the most important space of time. The Magic of the Moment is that you can do with it whatever you want. With it you can shape the future and you can add context to the past. You can live in it and, for a temporary space of time, completely escape from reality. You are immortal in the moment. And,

"If 24 is all the time that we have, let's cherish each moment!"