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The Art of Living

There's so much social commentary on our everyday lives now, what with out-loud living blasted on social media. We take pictures of everything, and for every picture we post, there's a think piece for why we shouldn't.

I posted a picture of my breakfast on Instagram today and not 30 seconds after I posted it, all the "I'm so sick of food pics" diatribes I've ever read came flooding to my head. Why are we so quick to criticize how people choose to live their lives and what they share? We have no clue about the lives being lived behind the three-second post.

Por ejemplo,

Eating food every day is a struggle for me. Not because I don't have food or money, or because I have an eating disorder (although sometimes I don't have food or money), but because I struggle with depression. And one of the things depression takes from me is the desire to LIVE! Not that it gives me the desire to die, although sometimes, but that regular parts of living are difficult for me to do. Getting out of bed is a chore a lot of days. Feeding myself is a chore often. And sometimes (read: many times) I just don't. So EVERY TIME I do, it's cause to celebrate. Could be taking a nifty, perfectly angled, perfectly filtered, perfectly captioned picture and ever so delicately placing it on Instagram with the hashtags that make it look like carefree living. I have to remind myself every day that each and every part of living is to be celebrated.