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The Moment of Revelation

The thing about hidden gems is they're rarely ever actually hidden. We are just really good at creating conditional blindness based on whatever our current focus happens to be. 

I "found" a hidden gem in the form of a dope ass laundromat today. It's approximately 2 minutes from my house, open 24 hours every day and the whole time I was there, the staff was cleaning, sanitizing, and otherwise tending to the area. They also give out free popcorn, donuts, and coffee. 

I've LITERALLY probably driven past this laundromat no less than 200 times in the past year. In retrospect, I've seen it before. But I've really never paid attention. So I've driven 10-15 minutes every time I've had to do laundry and taken 2 hours or so to do it. 

All things, in time, time will reveal.