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A glimpse into my world.

This NEW Moment

This year, instead of letting great moments in my music career happen to me, I'm going to be running after them! Feel free to run along with me. I'm sure there will be some scrapes and bruises when I trip over obstacles and a few dark moments where I feel like I just am not making it! But I'm so ready for this New Year and New Moment to live in. 

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This Moment (not the EP)

"Is the idea of living in the present a form of escapism?"

...rather than the present being the only time frame that exists, it's the only one that doesn't. Rather than the present being a thing unto itself, it's merely the point where the future meets the past.

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What is Jazz? Part I

The Scene: 4 pretty women. Singers. A blonde, a brunette, a redhead and a dreadhead. Braless. Sipping tea and sweating in the corner of one of Nashville's most magical treasures, High Garden Tea. The conversation vacillates between the mundane and the meaningful as the time ticks. No particular journey, each enjoying the other's company and their respective cups of perfectly extracted Milk Oolong and Jasmine Green.

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Live Laugh Love Nashville Article

Del-Amina, in her downtime also likes to paint and draw. Me being an author I thought her next statement was profound.

“I like to read a lot. I like words. I'm really interested in the etymology of words and why we use the colloquial phrases we do. I am interested in connecting the dots of the universe. So I read a lot about everything. Science, religion, art, humanity, nature, history, etc.”

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