The love song is the quintessential music for those moments when we let down our guard, leave ourselves defenseless, and accept the experiential richness of our deepest emotional vulnerability.

Del-Amina is a Neo-Classical R&B/Jazz composer and vocalist from Oakland, CA, based in Nashville, TN. Her musical style is reflective of her early immersion in R&B music culture, her intrigue with the expansive harmonic and rhythmic language of Jazz music, and her formal Classical education.  She cites Stevie Wonder, Claude Debussy, and Lauryn Hill as her primary musical influences and she boldly articulates a woman-ness that rejects societal norm. Though she actively rebels against the idea that women must fit certain ideals of femininity, she embraces a raw vulnerability that is often revealed in her organically unfiltered stage performance.

 Whether smooth, jazzy ballad or mid-tempo, R&B/soul groove, her music reverberates one simple message: Love.  It is through her music, she believes, she will achieve her higher purpose of self-love and she hopes to bring many others along for the ride.

Del-Amina's debut project, This Moment the EP, is mission statement of sorts. She believes in the power and magick of capturing moments as they come and experiencing life and love to its fullest!

Del-Amina was a 2017 Nominee for a Nashville Industry Music Award (NIMA) in the "Best R&B/Soul Artist" category.